In the warmth of a bustling Neapolitan café, an age-old tradition was born: Caffè Sospeso, a simple yet profound gesture of paying a coffee forward to someone in need.

Inspired by this legacy of kindness we've adopted it wholeheartedly, extending an invitation to our community to partake.


Join the Movement of Kindness

Every time you enjoy Portoro's espresso, you have the opportunity to extend this warmth. Opt for a Virtual Suspended Coffee at checkout, and let's turn these small acts of generosity into waves of communal support, reaching local charities and those who need it most.

Enhancing the Impact

We're committed to making kindness contagious. We're dedicated to supporting this initiative with our own acts of generosity, ensuring each cup carries even more warmth and care.

Joining the Caffè Sospeso Tradition is Easy


Begin by choosing your favourite Portoro blend to add to your cart.


On the checkout page, you'll see an option to add a Virtual Suspended Coffee to your order.


Proceed with your purchase as usual. The cost will be added to your total, ready to bring a moment of joy to someone in need.

Stories Brewed from the Heart

A Chronicle of Care

Your contributions are more than numbers; they're stories of hope and connection. We promise transparency, regularly sharing the journey of suspended coffees from your cart to the community, ensuring you see the tangible difference you're making.

Stories Heard

Behind every suspended coffee is a story worth telling. We're dedicated to sharing these tales, not just to celebrate the impact but to honor the lives touched by your generosity.

Empowering Our Community

Your voice matters in this journey of giving. We're looking at ways for you to help direct our efforts, ensuring our suspended coffees reach causes close to your heart.

Join Us

Caffè Sospeso is more than a tradition; it's a testament to the power of community and kindness. With Portoro, every cup of coffee is a chance to make a difference. Let's continue this beautiful tradition together, one suspended coffee at a time.

Share Your Story

We invite you to share the warmth and spirit of your Caffè Sospeso moments. When you participate in this cherished tradition with us, you're not just giving a cup; you're igniting a chain of kindness.

Here's How:

Capture the Moment:

Whether it's a photo of your morning Portoro brew, a screenshot of your Virtual Suspended Coffee addition, or a heartfelt note, capture the essence of your kindness.

Share on Social Media:
Post your story on your favorite platform. It could be a heartfelt post, a joyful tweet, or an inspiring Instagram story.

Use Our Hashtag:
Tag your posts with #PortoroKindness to join our community of givers. Let's make this hashtag a beacon of hope and warmth.

Spread the Word:
Encourage friends and family to join in. The more we share, the more the warmth spreads

Every post, every tag, every story shared helps build a global community united by the simple act of giving. Let's fill social media with tales of generosity and cups filled with care. #PortoroKindness